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Establishment Inspection Results

The CDC has identified the most frequently contributing factors to food-borne illness. They are:

  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Inadequate cooking
  • Improper holding temperatures (hot, cold, and cooling)
  • Contaminated equipment (food contact surfaces)
  • Food from unsafe sources

Note: Please do not compare Vineland inspection results with any other reports from Health Departments in New Jersey. Vineland has adopted additional regulations from the Food and Drug Administration model code that are not enforced elsewhere in New Jersey currently. This could potentially increase the number of risk factors out of compliance and would unfairly compare with other jurisdictions. The FDA model food code represents the most up to date scientific evidence on food safety.

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89 Cent Plus Convenience
925 E. Landis Ave.
A and F Family Market
416 S. West Blvd.
301 S. Main Rd.
Active Day of Vineland
2695 S. Lincoln Ave.
Aicha Grocery Market
14 S West Blvd
Al’s Homemade Candy
1133 Fairmount Ave.
305 N. Mill Rd.
Alex’s Pizzeria and Steakhouse
543 E. Landis Ave.
All Kids First
1385 Magnolia Rd.
Amazonas Mexican
Mobile Unit
Amigos Bakery
1370 S Main Rd. Unit 4
Antojito’s Deli
12 S. 7th St.
Antojitos El Encanto
302 S. West Blvd.
Antojitos El Encanto Mobile
Mobile Unit
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Abarrotes La Escondida
724 E wood st.
3850 S. Delsea Drive
Auntie Ann’s Pretzels
3849 S. Delsea Drive
B & B Corner
561 N. East Blvd.
B’s Mini Market
301 Almond St.
B’ Delish on the go
Mobile Unit
Back to the Juicer
714 E. Landis Ave.
B J’s Wholesale Club
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Babe Ruth Concession Stand
237 W. Chestnut Ave
Bagel University
1406 S. Main Rd.
Bagel University – West Campus
205 S. Delsea Dr.
Baker House
685 S. Brewster Rd.
Barakah Food Market
508 E. Landis Ave.
2196 W. Landis Ave.
Bergamo’s Farm Market
3305 E. Chestnut Ave.
Berryman’s Branch Club House
1616 Pennsylvania Ave.
Best Food in Town I
801 E. Landis Ave.
Best Food in Town II
221 S. Delsea Drive
Beth Israel Kitchen
1015 Park Ave.
Big Dipper (mobile)
2896 S. Delsea Drive
Bishop McCarthy
1045 E. Chestnut Ave.
Bishop Schad Regional School
1045 E. Chestnut Ave.
BJ’s Wholesale
3849 S. Delsea Dr.
Black Olive Restaurant
782 S. Brewster Rd.
Board of Social Services
275 N. Delsea Dr.
Bodega El Michoacano
14 S. West Blvd.
Bollywood Spices
601 E Landis Ave.
Boscov’s Candy Department
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Boulevard Meat and Deli
416 S. West Blvd.
Boston Market
301 S. Main Rd.
Boys and Girls Club
560 Crystal Ave.
Brass Tap
2738 S Delsea Dr.
Brewster Fine Liquors
690 S. Brewster Rd.
Brewster Restaurant
2630 E. Chestnut Ave
Brown Center
191 W. Chestnut Ave.
Bubba’s Liquor Warehouse
1849 N. Delsea Drive
Burger King (N. Delsea Drive)
315 N. Delsea Drive
Burger King (S. Main Rd.)
301 S. Main Rd.
Capri Swim Club
Juliana Drive
Carl Arthur Center
304 W. Plum St.
Carlo’s Pizza
605 E. Chestnut Ave.
Carso Foods Corp DBA Compare Foods
48 W. Landis Ave.
Carnival Discount Liquors
4039 S. Main Rd.
Central Kitchen
688 N. Mill Rd.
Cilantro Mexican Restaurant LLC
523 E Landis ave
Charlie’s Liquor Store
1026 Gheysens Ave.
Cherry Food MArket
700 E Cherry St.
Chestnut Assembly of God
2554 E. Chestnut Ave.
Chestnut Diner
2578 E. Chestnut Ave.
Chestnut International Food Market
3 W. Chestnut Ave.
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Chilango Taco Loco
Mobile Unit
Christ the Good Shepherd Daycare/Kitchen
1655 Magnolia Rd.
Cidra’s Market
320 N. 7th St.
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Community Medical Day Care
423 W. Landis Ave.
Compass Academy
23 W. Chestnut Ave
Country News Agency
1843 E. Wheat Rd.
Creative Achievement
1667 E. Landis Ave.
Crown Chicken
901 E. Landis Ave.
Crust & Krumbs
1370 S. Main Rd.
Cumberland Christian B-ball Snack Stand
1100 W. Landis Ave
Cumberland Christian School – Lunch Prg.
1100 W. Landis Ave
Cumberland County College Café
College Drive
Cumberland County College – Luciano Center
College Drive
Cunningham Alternative School
315 S. East Ave.
3 Locations
D’Augostine’s Market
1406 S Main RD Unit 4
D’Ippolito School
1578 N. Valley Ave.
D’s Fruta Supermarket
416 S West Blvd
Dad’s Seafood
1568 N. Delsea Drive
Dandrea Produce LLC
215 N Mill Rd.
Dane Barse School
240 S. Orchard Rd.
Del’s Custard
907 N. Main Rd.
Delsea Drive In Concession
2203 S. Delsea Drive
1001 W. Landis Ave.
Di Biase Pre-School
2040 E. Oak Rd.
Diamond Social Club
1241 N. Main Rd.
Discount Town Liquors II
1228 S. Main Rd.
Divine Mercy Parish
23 W. Chestnut Ave.
Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant
3600 E Landis Ave.
Dollar General
Multiple Locations
Dollar Plus Convenience Store
900 E. Chestnut Ave.
Dollar Tree
Multiple Locations
Dolphin Pool Snack Bar
1267 E. Elmer Rd.
Dominick Pilla Middle School
3133 S Lincoln Ave.
Dominick’s Pizzeria
1760 S. Lincoln Ave.
Domino’s Pizza
512 E. Landis Ave.
Double Eagle
1477 Panther Rd.
Downtown Deli
705 E. Wood St.
Dunkin Donuts
Multiple Locations
Durand School Cafeteria
371 W. Forest Grove Rd.
East Landis Lounge
827 E. Landis Ave.
East Side Nutrition
3722 E. Landis Ave.
Edible Arrangements
3600 E. Landis Ave.
El Mercadito
106 W. Landis Ave
El Michoacano
216 S. West Blvd.
El Nopal Mexican Restaurant
854 N Main RD Unit F
El Nuevo Amanecer
Mobile Unit
El Nuevo Amanecer
514 E. Landis Ave
El Rincon Del Sabor II
514 E Landis Ave.
El Sabor de Mexico
620 S. 7th St.
El Tuque Restaurant
623 E Landis Ave.
Encompass Health Corporation
1237 W Sherman Ave.
Eric’s Greek Deli
98 S. West Ave.
Faith Bible Church
3139 E. Chestnut Ave.
Family Buffet
379 S. Delsea Drive
Family Dollar Store (Chestnut Ave)
1115 E. Chestnut Ave.
Family Dollar Store (Lincoln Ave)
1780 S. Lincoln Ave
Family Dollar Store (Main Rd)
854 N. Main Rd.
Family Dollar Store (Park Ave)
20 W Park Ave
Fiocchi Field Concesssion Stand
1755 Galli Drive
Five Below At Maintree
301 S. Main Rd. Suite A1-A2
Fire Company #2
876 E. Sherman Ave.
Fire Company #4
1500 E. Oak Ave.
Friendly’s Restaurant
Multiple Locations
Mobile Unit
533 E Landis Ave
3850 S. Delsea Dr.
Game star LLC
3848 S Delsea Dr #C 10
Garden Truck Stop
2114 W. Garden Rd.
516 E Plum St.
Giovanni’s Deli
1102 N. East Ave.
Golan Day Care
2725 N. Delsea Drive
Golden Gate Academy
2120 N. Delsea Drive
Golden Gate CDC 2
120 W. Wood St.
Golden Palace
2623 S. Delsea Drive
Good Flavor Chinese Restaurant
44 S. Main Rd.
Good Friends Chinese Restaurant
742 N. Delsea Drive
Green Olive Restaurant
3513 S. Delsea Dr.
Greenview Inn
4049 Italia Ave
Great Start Learning Academy
2120 N Delsea Dr.
Greater Deliverance Learning Center
2106 W. Landis Ave.
H and K Liquors
1920 N. Main Rd.
Haar’s Market
1435 S. Delsea Drive
Hampton Inn
2196 W. Landis Ave
Happy Garden
157 N. Delsea Drive
HD Laundromat LLC
701 E Park Ave.
Health Foods Plus
502 E. Landis Ave.
Health Now
1301 N. Delsea Drive
Health South Rehabilitation Hospital
1237 W. Sherman Ave.
Healthy Life Nutrition
106 W Landis Ave
Hendricks House
542 N. West Blvd.
Heritage Farms
4200 S. Lincoln Ave
Higher Places
40 W. Landis Ave.
Hissho Sushi @ Inspira Health
1505 W Sherman Ave.
Holiday Inn Express
398 Smith St.
3849 S Delsea Dr
Hong Kong Gourmet
703 E. Landis Ave
House of Cupcakes
Mobile Unit
House of Polish Kielbasi
418 N. West Blvd.
Inspira Life
2445 S. Delsea Drive
Inspira Medical Center
1505 W. Sherman Ave
International Food Market
3 W. Chestnut Ave
J and J News
792 N. Main Rd.
Jenny’s Supermarket
419 S. Delsea Drive
Jersey Jerry’s
1362 S. Delsea Drive
Jim Mains Bakery
343 S. Delsea Drive
Joe’s Poultry
440 S. Delsea Drive
Johnson’s Fun Foods
Johnstone School
165 S. Brewster Rd.
Julio’s Mexican Cuisine
Mobile Unit
Julio’s On Main
370 S Main Rd.
K-Boss On Wheels
Mobile Unit
K & R Vending Micro Market
275 N. Delsea Dr.
K & R Vending Micro Market (AJM Packaging Corporation)
3401 S East Blvd.
K & R Vending Micro Market (Gerresheimer Glass)
91 W Forest Grove Rd.
Kaycee Ray’s Sports Bar and Pub
830 E. Landis Ave
Kentucky Fried Chicken
76 N. Delsea Drive
King Lou Catering
Mobile Unit
Kingdom Covenant Church and Day Care
427 W. Landis Ave.
Knights of Columbus
1803 N. East Ave.
Kors Sip N Spice
607 E Chestnut Ave.
Krumbs Cafe
342 S Delsea Dr. Suite A
Kura Restaurant
607 E. Landis Ave.
561 N. Blvd.
L & J Clover Express
3849 S. Delsea Dr.
La Altagracia
336 W. Grape St.
La Borinquena
Mobile Unit
La Cabana del Tio Tom
20 W. Park Ave
La Cabana Deli Express
636 E. Landis Ave
La Favorita
710 E. Park Ave
La Guadalupana
112 W. Chestnut Ave
La Hacienda Bakery
308 W. Chestnut Ave
La Estrella 2 Inc (Restaurant)
112 W Chestnut Ave.
La Fonda
508 S. 7th St
La Locanda
1406 S. Main Rd
La Mexicana
Mobile Unit
La Nueva Placita
400 S. West Blvd.
La Orocovana Restaurant
419 S Delsea Drive
La Plaza
523 E. Landis Ave
La Pimpolla Latin Food
701 E Cherry St.
La Rica Pina Colada
Mobile Unit
La Tejana
Mobile Unit
La Tejana Taqueria
520 E. Landis Ave
La Tienda Mexicana
8 S. West Ave
La Unica
703 E. Almond Rd.
La Vita Restaurant
301 S, Main Rd.
Landis Administration Building
61 W. Landis Ave
Landis Diner
601 E. Landis Ave
Landis Mini Stop
508 E. Landis Ave
Landis Middle School
61 W. Landis Ave
Landis Park Concession Stand
600 E. Park Ave
Landis Pig Roast
623 E. Landis Ave.
Landis Theater
830 E. Landis Ave.
Larry’s II
907 N. Main Rd
Las Aguillas De Exito
222 S.W. Blvd.
Las Hermanas
412 S. Sixth St.
Lincoln Avenue Middle School
3133 S. Lincoln Ave.
Lidl Grocery Store
1169 W. Landis Ave.
Lincoln Discount Liquors
1931 S. Lincoln Ave
Lincoln Middle School
3133 S. Lincoln Ave
Lincoln Pizza and Sub Shop
3722 E. Landis Ave
Lincoln Specialty Care
1640 S. Lincoln Ave
Linda Dechen Early Learning Center
237 W. Chestnut Ave.
Liquor Xpress
3600 E. Landis Ave.
Liquor Mart
554 S. Delsea Drive
Little Caesars
175 N. Delsea Drive
Little Momma’s Cooking
4133 S. Main Rd.
Little Lamb Pre-School
1005 E. Wheat Rd.
Luca’s Pizza II
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Lotus Express
3849 S. Delsea Dr.
Lucy’s Mexican Restaurant
Mobile Unit
Luis Food Cart
618 E. Cherry St
Macs Amour @ Bagel University
1406 S Main Rd. #3
Maggy’s Nutricion Club
7 N. 6th St. 7B
Magnolia Restaurant
1411 S. Main Rd.
Main Discount Liquors
106 S. Main Rd.
Main’s Meat Market
1370 S. Main Rd.
Maitresse Cuisine
106 W Landis Ave
Malaga Camp Dining Hall
4500 N. Delsea Drive
Malaga Camp Ice Cream Store
1650 Chestnut St.
Mana Restaurant
514 E. Landis Ave.
Manny & Vic’s
1687 N. Delsea Drive
Maplewood III
200 N. Delsea Drive
Marcacci’s Meat Market
1910 Vine Rd.
Marciano’s Restaurant
947 N. Delsea Drive
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Martinez Meat Market
312 S. West Ave
Martino’s Trattoria
2630 E. Chestnut Ave
Mary’s Hallmark
3600 E. Landis Ave
Matia’s Grocery and Deli
511 E. Landis Ave
Matia’s Water Ice
Mobile Unit
Mauro’s on the Ave.
830 E. Landis Ave.
Max Leuchter School
519 N. West Ave
Mc Donald’s
Multiple Locations
Memorial School
424 S. Main Rd.
Mennies School
361 E. Grant Ave
Methodist Church Soup Kitchen
700 E. Landis Ave
Mex Express Services
508 S. 7th St.
Michael’s Mediterranean Cusine
2 LaSalle St.
Michael’s Pizzeria
907 N. Main Rd
Michaels Restaurant
2 LaSalle Place
Michelle’s Kitchen
632 E. Landis Ave
Midget Football League Concession Stand
Normandy Lane
Miguelito’s Resturant
508 S. Seventh St.
Milly’s Deli
600 E. Chestnut Ave
Molina’s News Stand
106 W. Landis Ave
Moose Lodge
187 W. Wheat Rd.
More than more African / Caribbean store
1406 S Main Rd.
Mr. Softee
Mobile Unit
Mt. Pisgah U. A. Methodist Church
315 W. Plum St.
Nacho Mini Market
501 S. Sixth St.
Nature’s Cafe and Juice Bar
1672 N Delsea Dr.
New Italy-American Society
1194 Panter Rd.
New Jersey Shine LLC
Mobile Unit
Newfield Truck Stop
3970 N. Delsea Drive
Noodle House
3849 S. Delsea Dr.
North Italy Association
414 Virano Lane
North Vineland Little League Stand
1676 N. West Ave.
Northwest Swim Club
710 Kingman Ave
Number 1 Chinese Restaurant
509 E. Landis Ave
Nunez Grocery
206 SW Blvd.
Nutricion Las Aguilas de Exito #2
625 E. Landis Ave.
Nutrition Las Aguilas
222 SW Blvd.
NY Sandwich & Salad
205 S. Delsea Drive
Oak Tavern
596 NW Blvd.
Ocean Garden
1760 S. Lincoln Ave
Old Vineland Tavern
1508 Mayslanding Rd.
Olive Garden
3880 S Delsea Dr.
Olympia Restaurant
739 S. Delsea Drive
Ooh La La Sweets & Treats
1296 Magnolia Rd
Original Sammy J’s
2111 Industrial Way
Outlaw’s Burger Barn and Creamery
1370 S. Main Rd.
Outlaw’s Burger Barn “On The Run” Takeout
1370 S. Main Rd. Suite 10
PAFA’s The Budding Chef
1301 Forest Grove Rd.
Panaderia Puebla
505 E. Landis Ave
Panda Express
1169 W. Landis Ave.
Pantry One
10 W. Chestnut Ave.
Papa John’s
22 W. Landis Ave.
Payless Liquors
101 N. East Blvd.
Peking Gourmet
907 N. Main Rd
Penalvert’s Market
36 W. Walnut Rd.
Perez Products
2896 S. Delsea Drive
Pete’s Sweets and Treats #1 (Mobile Unit)
Mobile Unit
Pete’s Sweets and Treats #2 (Mobile Unit)
Mobile Unit
Petway Elementary School
1115 S. Lincoln Ave
Philly Pretzel Factory
3849 S Delsea Dr.
Piccolo Café
3569 E. Landis Ave.
Pineland’s Learning Center
520 N. Fourth St.
Pirate Pete’s Soda Pop Co.
Mobile Unit
Pizza & Ranch House
1370 N. Main Rd.
Pizza Capo
Mobile Unit
Pizza Hut
301 S. Main Rd.
Pizza Joes
1370 N. Main Rd.
Pizza Pizzazz (Brewster & Chestnut)
2614 E. Chestnut Ave
Pizza Queen
1383 S. Main Rd.
Pontano’s Farm Market
3937 S. Lincoln Ave
Pope John Paul II Retreat Center
410 S. Eighth St.
275 N. Delsea Drive
Popsy Pop LLC
Mobile Unit
Posh Market
703 E. Landis Ave.
Prepped By Prevail Nutrition
1406 S. Main Rd. Unit 5
Prestige Diner
2196 W. Landis Ave
Primo Hoagies
301 S. Main Rd.
Pupuseria El Mochi
412 S Sixth St.
Quality Inn
29 W. Landis Ave.
Queen Restaurant II
3722 E Landis Ave. Suite 14
R and R Mini Market
301 W. Almond St
Ramada Inn
2216 W. Landis Ave.
Ramoth Cafe (Nazarene Church)
2725 N. Delsea Drive
Rasta Man (Mobile Unit)
Mobile Unit
Recreation Club
626 Washington Ave.
Red & Gray Gridiron Group
50 W. Montrose St
Red Knot Gastro Pub
3600 E. Landis Ave.
Red Lobster
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Red Robin
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Redeemer Lutheran Church
2384 E. Landis Ave
Regal Cinema
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Richy’s Place
412 S 6th St.
Riggins Dollar Plus Mini Mart
301 W. Landis Ave
Rita’s Water Ice
3600 E. Landis Ave
Rita’s Water Ice
3470 S. Delsea Drive
Rite Aid
Multiple Locations
Rivera’s Snow Cones
Mobile Unit
Rocca Mediterranean Grill
3600 E. Landis Avenue
106 W. Landis Ave.
Romeo’s Amore Pizza & Ristorante
825 S. Delsea Drive
Rosie’s Twisted Lemonade (Mobile Unit)
Mobile Unit
Rossi School
2572 Palermo Ave
Royal Spice Indian Restaurant 2
601 E Landis Ave
Rowan College of South Jersey – Cumberland
3322 College Dr
Rural Development
6140 Mayslanding Rd.
S.J. Seminoles
3989 S. Lincoln Ave
Sabater School and Dallago Pre-School
301 S. East Blvd.
Sabor Latino at PR Festival
Sacred Heart School
1010 E. Landis Ave
Salad Works
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Salvation Army Food Bank
733 E. Chestnut Ave
Sam’s Warehouse Liquors
1849 N Delsea Dr
San Blas Bakery (Mobile Unit)
Mobile Unit
San Blas Bakery and Deli
13 N. East Blvd.
San Jose Snow Cones
Mobile Unit
Sanctuary Gentleman’s Club
3926 N. Delsea Drive
Santori’s Produce and Deli
854 N. Main Rd.
Save Time Convenience Store
1811 N. Delsea Drive
Save-A-Lot Store
48 W. Landis Ave
Second Cup Espresso Bar (In Hospital)
1505 W. Sherman Ave
Semper Marine Detachment
2041 W. Landis Ave
Senior Care
2695 S. Lincoln Ave
Senior Center
103 S. Sixth St.
Senior League Concession Stand
237 W. Chestnut Ave.
Serene Custard
2336 N. West Blvd.
Serra’s Sausage
100 W. Park Ave
Shafar Rice & Spice LLC
205B S Delsea Dr
Shamballah’s Supreme Deli
636 E. Landis Ave
Shamballah’s Supreme Deli
301 W Landis Avenue
Shop Rite
3600 E. Landis Ave
Shop Rite (Bottino’s)
1255 W. Landis Ave.
Shop Rite Liquors
3600 E. Landis Ave
Sierra Juarez #1 (Mobile Unit)
Mobile Unit
Sierra Juarez Restaurant
930 N. Main Rd.
Sierra Juarez Trailer TJN-23U
Mobile Unit
Simply the Best Mobile Food & Grill
Mobile Unit
Sino Wok
301 S. Main Rd.
Sley Ice Cream
1921 W. Landis Ave
South Ave Deli
Mobile Unit
South Vineland Little League
600 E Park Ave.
South Vineland Methodist Church
2724 S. Main Rd.
South Vineland Tavern
2350 S. Main Rd.
Southern Kitchen
601 E. Chestnut Ave
Spataro’s Pizza
631 E. Landis Ave
Spring Oaks Assisted Living
1611 S. Main Rd.
St. Anthony’s Greek Festival /Hall
310 W. Wheat Rd.
St. Padre Pio Festival
4680 Dante Ave
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Stewart’s Drive-In
584 S. Delsea Drive
Stewart’s Root Beer (Mobile Unit)
Mobile Unit
3470 S. Delsea Drive
Subway – Inside Walmart
1070 W. Landis Ave
Sushi Lover
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Taco Bell
Multiple Locations
Tacos Oaxaca
Tacos Bravos (Mobile Unit Tag NJ XP854E)
Mobile Unit
Tacos sabor a Mexico
521 S 6th St
Take A Break
Mobile Unit
Tang Asian Cuisine
3624 Delsea Drive
Taqueria 2 Potrillos
Mobile Unit
Taqueria La Tejana
520 E. Landis Ave.
Taqueria El Prieto
Mobile Unit
Tarklin Acres
191 W. Chestnut Ave
Taste Buds
825 S. Delsea Dr.
Taste of Italy
4059 S. Main Rd.
Taste of the Islands
729 E. Landis Ave
2321 S. Delsea Dr.
Teo’s Bakery LLC
139D N Delsea Dr.
Tequila Night Club
1628 S. Delsea Dr.
Thai Corner
1843 E Wheat Rd.
The Best of Southern Cooking
613 E. Landis Ave
The Courtyard School Inc.
1270 S East Ave
The Crabby Chef
Mobile Unit
The Cracked Egg Cafe
942 S. Delsea Drive
The One
1018 W. Garden Rd.
The Soup Kitchen at First Prebyterian Church
800 E. Landis Ave.
The Sweet Tooth
Mobile Unit
Tienda Ramirez
601 E. Chestnut Ave
Tiny Tots Day Care
158 E. Elmer Rd.
Toast wine & Spirits
2738 S Delsea Dr.
Todd’s News Agency
205 S. Delsea Drive
Tony Soprano’s
107 W. Landis Ave.
Tony’s Lunch
1088 N. Main Rd.
Top Shelf Mobile Cuisine
Mobile Unit
Tortillas TXS
516 E. Plum St.
Training School Industries
42 N. West Ave
Tri-County Head Start II (Chestnut Ave)
237 W. Chestnut Ave.
Tri-County Head Start III – Elmer St.
116 W. Elmer St.
Trinity Episcopal Soup Kitchen
800 E. Wood st.
523 E. Landis Ave
Two Brothers Market
317 S. Seventh St.
U.S. One Gas
903 E. Chestnut Ave.
402 W. Landis Ave.
United House of Prayer
413 N. Fourth St.
Vargas Nutrition
3 W. Chestnut Ave
Vasquez and Diaz Market
437 W. Park Ave.
Vegans Are Us
636 E Landis Ave.
Verona Custard
1231 S. Delsea Drive
Viet Bistro
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Vineland Board of Education Central Kitchen
688 N. Mill Rd.
Vineland Infant Toddler Center
605 N. Delsea Dr.
Vineland Deli
33 S. Mill Rd
Vineland Discount Liquors
1668 S. Delsea Drive
Vineland Elk’s Lodge
18 S. Sixth St.
Vineland Fire Company #2
876 E. Sherman Ave.
Vineland Fire Company #3
185 W. Forest Grove Rd.
Vineland Fire Company #4
1500 E. Oak Rd
Vineland High North
2880 E. Chestnut Ave
Vineland High South
2880 E. Chestnut Ave
Vineland Junior Football
50 W Monstrose St
Vineland Liquors
631 E. Chestnut Ave
Vineland Masonic Association
1065 E. Landis Ave
Vineland Mini Deli Inc
1851 W Landis Ave
Vineland Nutrition
942 S. Delsea Drive
Vineland PAL
20 S. Sixth St.
Vineland Pigtail League
1755 Galli Dr.
Vineland Public Charter School
2724 S. Main Rd.
Vineland Senior Center
103 S. Sixth St.
Vineland Transportation Center
106 W. Landis Ave.
Vineland Wrestling Association (@ VHS)
2880 E. Chestnut Ave.
Visconti’s Cruisin’ Cuisine
671 Spruce St.
Vito’s Pizzeria
2321 S. Delsea Drive
VJ Market
206 S.W. Blvd.
Multiple Locations
Wallace School
688 N. Mill Rd
1070 W. Landis Ave
2802 S. Delsea Drive
Weisman’s Medical Day Care
1206 W. Sherman Ave.
Wendy’s – S. Delsea Drive
122 S. Delsea Drive
Wendy’s – S. Main Rd
190 S. Main Rd.
Wiener Bros. (Mobile Unit)
Mobile Unit
Wingate Inn
2196 W. Landis Ave
Winging It
3600 N. West Blvd.
Winslow School
1335 Magnolia Rd.
Xpress Market
67 E. Oak Rd
Xpress Mart
Multiple Locations
Xpresso Café
Multiple Locations
1159 E. Landis Ave.
Yogurt Lover
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Yummy Licious
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Zoagies LLC
Mobile Unit

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