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Understanding Inspection Ratings

Ratings are given to facilities based on their compliance to the New Jersey State Sanitary Code (NJAC) Chapter 26 of the Recreational Bathing Code. Depending on the inspection, a placard is given to the facility that is posted for the public to view. These ratings include:

  • Satisfactory rating: The facility is operating in substantial compliance with this chapter and has demonstrated they are aware of and are practicing the safety principles in the New Jersey state public recreational bathing code.

  • Conditionally Satisfactory rating: This facility is not operating in substantial compliance with the chapter, having one or more violations of this chapter.

  • Unsatisfactory rating: Facility was found to be operating in conditions that were not safe to leave the facility open. Having one or more violations in this chapter which constitutes gross or unsafe conditions, can pose an imminent health or safety hazard. Reasons for this rating can be poor water visibility and clarity, inadequate lifesaving equipment available, water chemistry not in range, etc.

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