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Registered Environmental Health Specialists perform inspections of over 450 food service establishments within the City of Vineland. These inspections protect the public’s health by assuring that foods sold and served in Vineland are as safe as they can be and that food service establishments comply with state laws and regulations.

The inspection reports have always been public record. The Vineland Health Department retains the restaurant food inspection reports. If you have questions, please call 856-794-4131. Data on this website will be updated weekly.

Vineland Health Department conducts numerous types of inspections, but only routine inspection results will be displayed on this website.

Routine: Unannounced inspections that are conducted once or twice a year, depending on risk type.

Follow-up: Follow-up routine inspections are conducted routinely when one or more critical violations are identified. These inspections are usually conducted within 10 business days of the initial routine inspection.

What Do The Ratings Mean?

Satisfactory rating:

Facility was found to be operating in substantial compliance, especially in regards to the control of risk factors. Food service personnel were found to be aware of and practicing sound food safety principles as outlined in NJAC 8:24-et al.

Conditionally Satisfactory rating:

Facility was found not to be operating in substantial compliance, especially in regards to risk factors. Food service personnel were not practicing sound food safety principles. These violations were significant and/or repetitive. Risk factors include any of the following: poor personal hygiene, improper holding temperatures of potentially hazardous foods, unclean food contact surfaces, improper cooking temperatures of raw animal foods, and/or unsafe food sources. A Risk Class 3 facility could receive a Conditionally Satisfactory rating if they failed to provide a person in charge with a nationally recognized food safety certificate. A facility could also receive this rating for significant good retail practice violations such as pest infestations or repetition of improper cooling methods.

Unsatisfactory rating:

The facility was found to be operating in such conditions that it was not safe to leave the facility open. The reasons for this type of rating could be from lack of power or functioning sewerage system, significant infestation of pests; lack of hot water or adequate refrigeration in the entire building, extreme lack of cleanliness, etc.

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