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Establishment Inspection Results

The CDC has identified the most frequently contributing factors to food-borne illness. They are:

  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Inadequate cooking
  • Improper holding temperatures (hot, cold, and cooling)
  • Contaminated equipment (food contact surfaces)
  • Food from unsafe sources

Note: Please do not compare Vineland inspection results with any other reports from Health Departments in New Jersey. Vineland has adopted additional regulations from the Food and Drug Administration model code that are not enforced elsewhere in New Jersey currently. This could potentially increase the number of risk factors out of compliance and would unfairly compare with other jurisdictions. The FDA model food code represents the most up to date scientific evidence on food safety.

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PAFA’s The Budding Chef
1301 Forest Grove Rd.
Panaderia Puebla
505 E. Landis Ave
Panda Express
1169 W. Landis Ave.
Pantry One
10 W. Chestnut Ave.
Papa John’s
22 W. Landis Ave.
Payless Liquors
101 N. East Blvd.
Peking Gourmet
907 N. Main Rd
Penalvert’s Market
36 W. Walnut Rd.
Perez Products
2896 S. Delsea Drive
Pete’s Sweets and Treats #1 (Mobile Unit)
Mobile Unit
Pete’s Sweets and Treats #2 (Mobile Unit)
Mobile Unit
Petway Elementary School
1115 S. Lincoln Ave
Philly Pretzel Factory
3849 S Delsea Dr.
Piccolo Café
3569 E. Landis Ave.
Pineland’s Learning Center
520 N. Fourth St.
Pirate Pete’s Soda Pop Co.
Mobile Unit
Pizza & Ranch House
1370 N. Main Rd.
Pizza Capo
Mobile Unit
Pizza Hut
301 S. Main Rd.
Pizza Joes
1370 N. Main Rd.
Pizza Pizzazz (Brewster & Chestnut)
2614 E. Chestnut Ave
Pizza Queen
1383 S. Main Rd.
Pontano’s Farm Market
3937 S. Lincoln Ave
Pope John Paul II Retreat Center
410 S. Eighth St.
275 N. Delsea Drive
Popsy Pop LLC
Mobile Unit
Posh Market
703 E. Landis Ave.
Prepped By Prevail Nutrition
1406 S. Main Rd. Unit 5
Prestige Diner
2196 W. Landis Ave
Primo Hoagies
301 S. Main Rd.
Pupuseria El Mochi
412 S Sixth St.

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