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Establishment Inspection Results

The CDC has identified the most frequently contributing factors to food-borne illness. They are:

  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Inadequate cooking
  • Improper holding temperatures (hot, cold, and cooling)
  • Contaminated equipment (food contact surfaces)
  • Food from unsafe sources

Note: Please do not compare Vineland inspection results with any other reports from Health Departments in New Jersey. Vineland has adopted additional regulations from the Food and Drug Administration model code that are not enforced elsewhere in New Jersey currently. This could potentially increase the number of risk factors out of compliance and would unfairly compare with other jurisdictions. The FDA model food code represents the most up to date scientific evidence on food safety.

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Vargas Nutrition
3 W. Chestnut Ave
Vasquez and Diaz Market
437 W. Park Ave.
Vegans Are Us
636 E Landis Ave.
Verona Custard
1231 S. Delsea Drive
Viet Bistro
3849 S. Delsea Drive
Vineland Board of Education Central Kitchen
688 N. Mill Rd.
Vineland Infant Toddler Center
605 N. Delsea Dr.
Vineland Deli
33 S. Mill Rd
Vineland Discount Liquors
1668 S. Delsea Drive
Vineland Elk’s Lodge
18 S. Sixth St.
Vineland Fire Company #2
876 E. Sherman Ave.
Vineland Fire Company #3
185 W. Forest Grove Rd.
Vineland Fire Company #4
1500 E. Oak Rd
Vineland High North
2880 E. Chestnut Ave
Vineland High South
2880 E. Chestnut Ave
Vineland Junior Football
50 W Monstrose St
Vineland Liquors
631 E. Chestnut Ave
Vineland Masonic Association
1065 E. Landis Ave
Vineland Mini Deli Inc
1851 W Landis Ave
Vineland Nutrition
942 S. Delsea Drive
Vineland PAL
20 S. Sixth St.
Vineland Pigtail League
1755 Galli Dr.
Vineland Public Charter School
2724 S. Main Rd.
Vineland Senior Center
103 S. Sixth St.
Vineland Transportation Center
106 W. Landis Ave.
Vineland Wrestling Association (@ VHS)
2880 E. Chestnut Ave.
Visconti’s Cruisin’ Cuisine
671 Spruce St.
Vito’s Pizzeria
2321 S. Delsea Drive
VJ Market
206 S.W. Blvd.

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