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Establishment Inspection Results

The CDC has identified the most frequently contributing factors to food-borne illness. They are:

  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Inadequate cooking
  • Improper holding temperatures (hot, cold, and cooling)
  • Contaminated equipment (food contact surfaces)
  • Food from unsafe sources

Note: Please do not compare Vineland inspection results with any other reports from Health Departments in New Jersey. Vineland has adopted additional regulations from the Food and Drug Administration model code that are not enforced elsewhere in New Jersey currently. This could potentially increase the number of risk factors out of compliance and would unfairly compare with other jurisdictions. The FDA model food code represents the most up to date scientific evidence on food safety.

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D’Augostine’s Market
1406 S Main RD Unit 4
106 W. Landis Ave
D’Ippolito School
1578 N. Valley Ave.
Dad’s Seafood
1568 N. Delsea Drive
Daisy’s Envios
519 E. Landis Ave
Dane Barse School
240 S. Orchard Rd.
Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz
1405 Mayslanding Rd.
Dante Car Wash
2375 Dante Ave.
Deeks Deli & Kustard Kitchen
1370 S. Main Rd.
Del’s Custard
907 N. Main Rd.
Delsea Drive In Concession
2203 S. Delsea Drive
2111 Industrial Way
1001 W. Landis Ave.
Di Biase Pre-School
2040 E. Oak Rd.
Diamond Social Club
1241 N. Main Rd.
Diaz Nutrition
3 West Chestnut Ave
Discount Town Liquors II
1228 S. Main Rd.
Divine Mercy Parish
23 W. Chestnut Ave.
Dog Gone Good
Mobile Unit
Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant
3600 E Landis Ave.
Dollar General
Multiple Locations
Dollar Plus Convenience Store
900 E. Chestnut Ave.
Dollar Tree
Multiple Locations
Dolphin Pool Snack Bar
1267 E. Elmer Rd.
Dominick Pilla Middle School
3133 S Lincoln Ave.
Dominick’s Pizzeria
1760 S. Lincoln Ave.
Domino’s Pizza
512 E. Landis Ave.
Dos Amigos
Mobile Unit
Double Eagle
1477 Panther Rd.
Downtown Deli
705 E. Wood St.
Duke’s Place
305 N. Mill Rd.
Dunkin Donuts
Multiple Locations
Durand School Cafeteria
371 W. Forest Grove Rd.

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