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(Award recipients reflect Consecutive Years winning and Total Years overall)

Active Day2695 S. LINCOLN AVE.Yes112
Burger King #10940395 S MAIN RDYes4142
Burger King #3595315 N DELSEA DRYes3102
Chick-Fil-A3849 S DELSEA DRYes132
Community Medical Day Care423 W LANDIS AVEYes2163-A
Compass Academy23 W CHESTNUT AVEYes112
Creative Achievement1667 E LANDIS AVE BLDG A,Yes112-SC
Cumberland County College3322 COLLEGE DRYes123-A
Dane Barse School240 S ORCHARD RDYes1162-SC
Hampton Inn2134 W LANDIS AVEYes122
Inspira Life2445 S DELSEA DRYes882
Jim Mains343 S. DELSEA DR.Yes11112
Johnson's Pizza Queen1383 S MAIN RDYes113-A
Johnstone School165 S BREWSTER RDYes2202-SH
Luciano Center At CCC3322 COLLEGE DRYes662
Marie Durand School371 W FOREST GROVE RDYes4202-SC
Matias Grocery And Deli511 E LANDIS AVEYes133-A
Mc Donalds2707 S DELSEA DRYes292
Memorial School424 S MAIN RDYes1152-SC
Petway School1115 S LINCOLN AVEYes572-SH
Popeye's275 N DELSEA DRYes242
Rossi School2572 PALERMO AVEYes1192-SC
Rural Development6140 MAYSLANDING RDYes3112
Sabater School301 S EAST BLVDYes562-SH
Salad Works3849 S DELSEA DRYes132
Serene Custard2336 N WEST BLVDYes992
Starbucks Coffee #89633849 S DELSEA DRYes332
Taco Bell #24973920 S DELSEA DRYes1102
Taco Bell #297221294 W LANDIS AVEYes132
Tiny Tots Pre-School158 E ELMER RDYes112
Tony Soprano's107 W LANDIS AVEYes113-A
Tri-County Head Start Iii116 W ELMER STYes11143-A
WAWA #926610 S BREWSTER RDYes222
WAWA #99961 S MAIN RDYes232
Weisman's Children's Medical Day Care1206 W SHERMAN AVEYes142
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